Core9 Fitness Testimonials

  • Nicole – MBBS BPhty/Sport and Exercise Doctor

    Nicole – MBBS BPhty/Sport and Exercise Doctor

    In the past I’ve raced in triathlons, but when work hours got longer and I had to drive further, I couldn’t do the training hours that I was used to and needed to take a new approach to exercise. Core9 takes the planning out of my workouts, I turn up, work hard for 31 minutes and there’s heaps of variety to keep me motivated. The trainers know all the members personally and are flexible and happy to make modifications for injuries. Plenty of individual attention and encouragement, without the pressure of one on one training works well for me. Being a member of Core9 has helped me to build strength, manage stress and feel healthy despite a busy schedule.

  • Vince


    Core 9 is seriously addictive boutique gym…. The more you go the more you want to go! The 9 stations are designed to give you total body work out in 31 minutes and they always change. Jason, Craig, Vale and the team assist and watch over you as your fitness quickly progresses to elite levels. The workout doesn’t get any easier but it certainly feels better because your increased fitness allows your body to workout harder and faster. I suggest buying a myzone belt and keeping an eye on the screen which monitors your effort levels and keeps you honest! Whether you’re trying to lose weight, training for a run, swim or triathlon, this workout is a perfect. The team is friendly, taking a genuine interest in your goals and you will also meet and get to know fellow core niners.

  • Adam and Candice

    Adam and Candice

    Back fat is a tricky thing. Most of us don’t even know we have it. I certainly didn’t. Not until a friendly receptionist at one of my accounts, who I’ve known for years, mentioned that my mine was gone. My back fat, that is.

    “Have you been working out?”, she says in a cheery voice. Unable to hold back a smile to mask the flattering comment, I replied “Why yes, thank you. Circuit-style training at Core9 in Manly, and healthier eating…” I was planning to explain further when I was interrupted. “Your back fat, it’s gone!”, she said with delight in a sincere attempt to congratulate me.

    Now, in a moment like this, many things run through your mind. Meanwhile, any part of the original smile remaining from the flattering comment had started to retreat. I paused for a few moments to gather my thoughts. Which played out like this:

    “Did she just say back fat?”… “Wait a second, have I had back fat this whole time without realizing it but someone else who I see very occasionally has taken note of this beer-belt around my waist and tracked it long enough to notice it’s disappearance?!”. Pause. Deep breath. It was true. And it was nice, because she truly was paying me a hard-earned compliment.

    Needless to say, thank you Core9 for solving problems. Back fat problems and many others.

    My background is Muay Thai, and Candice in Dance. We were drawn to Core9 for the ease of session scheduling (it doesn’t exist, show up when you can) combination of cardio/weights, and short, 31-Minute sessions. In and out. Done.

    We have stayed with Core9 because of the no-ego, member-first, friendly and welcoming environment. Being greeted by name upon arrival from our first day by everyone, encouraged every day since, and actually seeing results (#backfatgone – see paragraph 1).

    And hmmm, maybe a little bit of constructive pain now and again, but it’s the good pain, like ripping a Band-Aid off…

  • Sonya


    I first started training with the Core9 Team as I had a knee injury and was looking at surgery if I couldn’t strengthen through Physio and exercise. Not being confident in the gym I needed a training environment where I had trainers to help with my technique, but didn’t want to pay for a personal trainer.

    After three months training with the Core9 team my knee was stronger and I was no longer facing surgery but I also realised I was fitter and enjoying training more than I ever had before so I decided to stay. 2 years later and I haven’t looked back, the training changes every day so you never get bored and you have amazing trainers who support and motivate you, watching and helping with every workout. Unlike other gyms it’s friendly and not intimidating, all the trainers are not only incredible trainers but they all know your name and are positive, patient and super helpful.

  • Louise and Team

    Louise and Team

    I have had many gym memberships over the years and most of them I join with great intentions and then loose interest but keep paying until the membership runs out. Then 2 years ago I joined Core 9 (then MDF) and I have loved every minute. The owners and trainers take a personal interest in your exercise and wellbeing. They know you name and make sure you meet other members. You can never get bored, with each workout changing daily and best of all you can come in and go hard for 31 minutes and then get on with your day. I feel stronger and more energised and it certainly helps me keep positive when dealing with the day to day stress of running my own business. I felt so good about Core 9 I started my staff there on a weekly basis – they love it and it allows them to stay fit and healthy but also builds great team spirit.

  • Karen J

    Karen J

    I have been a frequent gym user my whole life, taking the occasional class and doing weights and considered myself to be reasonably fit. My friend convinced me to take a look at Core9 and I have not looked back.It is a 31 minute intense workout where you are monitored and encouraged by qualified trainers. Being accountable for your exercise has made a huge difference to my fitness levels.

    I work out 6 days a week, there are no excuses to not find 30 minutes a day to exercise. Core9 has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, I don’t have to book in for classes and is in a great location.

    Thanks for making exercise enjoyable

  • Sally – B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy), APAM

    Sally – B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy), APAM

    You can’t argue with all the research that backs up the concept of Core 9 for promoting weight loss and improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. The combination of high intensity cardio and functional strength training with your own personal trainer to monitor your technique is a winner and the reason I recommend Core 9 to my patients.

    On a personal note I love that I can turn up, work hard for 31 minutes and then disappear out the door, feeling great and ready to take on the next challenge of my day. Core 9 fits neatly into a busy lifestyle and the health benefits are enormous.

  • Nick, Ally, (Husband, Wife)

    Nick, Ally, (Husband, Wife)

    Ally and I found ourselves getting bored and stale at our old gym, our motivation had declined and our enjoyment was fairly non-existent. It was obvious a change was needed.

    After a trial at Core 9 (Million Dollar Fitness), we knew we had hit the spot, in many ways! Our unstimulating cruise mode training days were over, we now train out of our comfort zone brought about by a comprehensive challenging top to toe blast. After an average of 5 times a week for nearly 18 months they still seem to find a way of switching on a muscle that we didn’t even know existed. Just to keep you guessing the workout routine changes daily and is supervised by a trainer ensuring a 100% effort and commitment. I can certainly guarantee that very satisfying post workout comfortably numb feeling.

    A mixed crowd of members together with different trainers on the floor make for a friendly atmosphere and great training environment. As can be expected there’s plenty of fun banter that also keeps you on your toes.

    Our 16 year old son has also trained there for the last 9 months to supplement his soccer training programme and to burn that extra energy. Found the supervised training environment to be ideal for a teenager’s needs.
    I suggest that you try a session, it will change your mind and that’s where it starts!

  • Georgina – BA Psych(Hons), M App Psych

    Georgina – BA Psych(Hons), M App Psych

    I love Core 9 fitness as the workout is always challenging, even as your fitness improves! The trainers and staff are friendly yet tough, and Core 9 has a great vibe and sense of community.

  • Gavin


    I have been attending Core9 fitness for a little over a year now. I have seen a significant improvement in my overall fitness as well as my overall happiness.

    Core9 provides an inclusive environment with members covering a wide age range and levels of fitness. The equipment is always clean and well maintained. The structure and timeframe of a training session has proved to be extremely convenient meaning that I am able to fit in an intense workout amongst other family and work commitments (something I found difficult to do at more traditional styled gyms).

    The trainers at Core9 are extremely professional and motivating. Despite running the sessions for a number of members at any one time, the training still feels very personalised. The trainers are very knowledgeable and will adjust the training to suit – for example for niggling or longer term injuries.

    I would (and do) recommend Core9 fitness to anyone seeking a path to either weight loss or improved fitness.

  • Clinton


    Everything about me has improved since commencing at Core9.

    I look and feel so much better my balance, my stamina, my confidence, my attitude and my strength have all improved dramatically.

    The Trainers are all fantastic. I really enjoy coming to Core9 and meeting new people everyday.

  • Lou – Clinical Psychologist & Writer

    Lou – Clinical Psychologist & Writer

    Personally and professionally I’ve always been a big believer in the motto “healthy body, healthy mind”. For me CORE9 ticks all the boxes. A challenging, motivating workout; constant encouragement and monitoring by the trainers; flexibility to fit my exercise around work, family and other commitments and a different program every session to mix things up. I love that I can I can just turn up and train hard without having to wait around or stick to a particular class time. Each 3 minute station is like a mini goal and once I climb off the rower at the end of the 31 minutes I’m completely exhausted but feel a big sense of achievement. Not only am I getting fitter and stronger with CORE9, but it is also the ultimate stress- buster. My early morning training sessions are a great kick start to the rest of my day.

  • Kim B, Freshwater.

    Kim B, Freshwater.

    I love Core9, it’s as simple as that. It only takes 31mins out of my day so there is never an excuse. The fact I can turn up and start my workout when it suits ME is probably what I like most. Unlike other gyms that need a booking, Core9 knows that life doesn’t always go as planned and some days you simply can’t make it. I get bored easily when training so it’s great that every day the stations are changed. That means you’re greeted with something new and challenging to try. Add in the friendly staff, and it’s a simple choice for me. I would recommend you give it a go!

  • Sam


    1. You can turn up anytime and jump straight into the workout – you don’t have the stress of running late for a class or the class being full

    2. It’s a 30 minute workout – say no more

    3. The workouts are different every day and are hard hitting (prepare to sweat)

    4. All the trainers are super friendly and motivating – they’re there to push you and ensure your technique is correct

    5. You’re not just joining a gym, you’re joining a community full of legends

  • Frankie C

    Frankie C

    I have been training with Core9 for about a year now. I was struggling to maintain my fitness goals coming from injury after injury and also moving to the northern beaches only a short time beforehand. I didn’t know anyone in the area and dreaded going to the gym as I felt uncomfortable. Core9 is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! The PT’s there motivate me not only in the gym but outside as well, teaching me valuable life lessons such as believing in myself, not letting petty life challenges get in my way as well as get me on the road to doing what I want to do in my career. The best thing about Core9 is that it feels like a family, once you step inside the gym, you are not doing the exercises by yourself, you have a community around you helping you strive to push that extra 5% to reach your goals. No matter what day it is, I never miss a workout thanks to Core9!

  • John D

    John D

    I’ve been going to Core9 almost since it opened, and I absolutely love the place. I’d never really been a gym junkie, and was looking for something to keep me motivated and fit. What the guys have developed is a great way to work out – High intensity, functional training, done in 31 minutes in a great environment with awesome trainers. I’m going 4-5 times a week and it is really outstanding value for having varied daily workouts and basically a PT with you every day. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been thanks to discovering Core9. I’ve lost weight, lost inches and gained definition. Most importantly it is a real community atmosphere within the facility. It’s great to head down there at any stage, do your work out, and hang out to chat with the trainers and other members. Brilliant facility and community! Glad to be a part of it!

  • Gema


    I absolutely Love this place. I can turn up whenever I like and know I’m in for a great session it’s like a class but with out the class times its a bit hard to explain. The Team here are so encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable and just genuine nice people. The community they have built at Core9 is the place you want to be. My overall strength and fitness has exceeded my expectations since I first started 4 months ago. I can not recommend this place highly enough! Thank you Core9

  • Linda


    Core9 is addictive! Core9 has amazing trainers who are so knowledgeable and experienced who inspire you to push and try harder whilst making it fun and fast paced. At Core9 it is not just about the workout and fitness, it is also about fun and friendships together with the fantastic structure of every workout – you always want to go and is never a chore. Since joining Core9, I have become so much stronger and fitter for myself and my other sports. I just love being part of Core9!

  • Monique


    I LOVE Core 9!! The 31min workouts are ideal for me!

    Making the change from a regular gym to Core 9 has given me SO much more TIME in the day to get on with all the other things a busy mum needs to do!!!!!

    I feel fit, healthy and vibrant. The trainers are awesome. The workouts are challenging with plenty of motivation. I LOVE it!!!!

  • Jonny D

    Jonny D

    Having been a member at another functional training facility beforehand, which I enjoyed as I felt it alleviated the worry of having to plan my own workout, however I didn’t feel it pushed me enough with the short 45sec/10sec work/rest timescales – as a result my friends introduced me to Core9 3mins/30sec work/rest

    This is extremely effective for me now not to mention I can join at any time of the day before or after my work, I don’t have to worry about booking in to classes and them being full because my training works around my lifestyle; but more importantly what has been created here is a community, if I don’t attend more than a couple of days I miss it; from the minute you walk in you meet new people and you are always greeted by people you have met before, but the best thing is the trainers.

    The trainers make you laugh work and cry – they make you feel welcome they push to get results but more importantly they work with you to make sure you are doing exercises right despite where you are in the room of many people. Nothing and I mean nothing gets past them

    It’s a fun place to be and it speaks volumes in the fact that there are about 10 of my close mates that are members including 3 of the 4 I live with

    Keep up the good work

  • Steph & Hugh

    Steph & Hugh

    Since joining (MDF) Core9, not only has my fitness and strength improved, but I have also gained confidence and for the first time, in a long time, I really look forward to going to training. The gym is such a friendly and supportive environment and you always feel like you are training with friends. Every session is different so it is never boring, and it is impossible to lose motivation because the trainers are always there to push you.

    Core9 helped me to prepare for my wedding and I could not have been happier with the results. I worked closely with Vale for my meal plan, that was easy to follow and delicious, and we celebrated each success together as my body fat percentage decreased week to week. The whole team knew about my goal and went beyond their call of duty to help me stay focused and achieve it.

    I have been a member for almost a year, and my husband started with MDF within a few weeks of them opening. We have both progressed so much and would not be where we are today without the Core9 team. We couldn’t recommend this gym enough; the flexibility of start times, the knowledge and support of the trainers, the quality of the equipment and venue, and the fun that we have training there. Thanks for everything Core9.